circulaR bioecOnomy Business mOdels owned by agro-COOPeratives.


ROBOCOOP-EU is a HORIZON EUROPE and CIRCULAR BIO_BASED EUROPE co-funded project, proposing a breakthrough cultural change in the agro-food sector: Deploying effective regional and circular bio-based Business Models for the valorization of waste streams from 3 agricultural sectors: grape, olive and stone fruit.

Agro-inspired rural innovation: Putting cooperatives in the center of product development and business models


Effective regional and circular bio-based business models. The project creates real commercial-opportunities scenarios, in order to diversify the economy of small and medium scale farmers and cooperatives.


7 Countries

18 Partners

A consortium built to follow the whole technological process;
A partnership that covers the entire value chain: primary sector, bio-refining and final applications;
3 Regional Hubs: Alupia, Extremadura and Greece

Latest News

ROBOCOOP-EU continues to foster meaningful interactions!

Join us on our journey as we explore Apulian cooperatives. 🇮🇹 #ROBOCOOPEU #Cooperatives #ApuliaAdventures. On 13 and 14 September 2023, the Hub coordination clusters and cooperatives of the Robocoop-EU project, represented by #CIHEAMBari, Roelmi HPC, #CluBE and Universidad de [...]
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